Film, photography, and disappointment

Shot using my Mamiya RZ67 with a 110mm 2.8 lens on Kodak Portra 400.  FIlm was shot at an E.I. of 320 and developed using my Unicolor C-41 kit.

I took a trip to Ann Arbor earlier this week and brought my Mamiya RZ67 along.  It was the perfect opportunity to dust off the camera since it hasn’t gotten too much use since I fell in love hard with my Hasselblad.  

I’ve compared both cameras ad nauseum so I’ll refrain from doing so again.  Instead I wanted to share a little on a recent slump I’ve been going through (even though I hate using that word).

Between keeping up with working out, getting through my PhD, working, and working on my car (hah) I’ve been shooting as much as I can and trying to keep that creative side of me going.  It’s easy for me to get bogged down with all the technical information I have to deal with at work and school, so photography has naturally been my creative release.  Unfortunately this trip to Ann Arbor kind of made me realize I’ve hit one of those annoying photographers blocks.

It’s something I’ve gone through before, and something I will eventually get through.  But it sure does suck hard.  I think since I “shoot when I can,” my photos have been lacking that creativity which makes my strong images even better.  Instead my photography has kind of turned into simple “documentation” and that really bothers me.  In my opinion documentation photography is kind of useless.

While my friend and I were in Ann Arbor, I was having a hard time focusing on seeing creatively and I think that set off a mental alarm.  So for the rest of the day I was just shooting casually and I feel these images are unfortunately the result of that.

I mean the colors are nice, the sharpness is there, the tones are decent, but the composition and subject matter really ticks me off.

But it’s something every creative person goes through, like I said it’s just a phase that comes and goes.  Hopefully the slump is short-lived and I hit my stride again soon.  

Maybe I’ll take the site in a different direction for a little while.  I do have some new gear on the way so stay tuned for that.


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