First roll of Pro 400H and a little reintroduction

It feels good to be back on here updating the blog a little bit considering I’ve spent the past three weeks dealing with a cold that refused to go away.  Thankfully I was feeling well enough the other day to start shooting my pack of Fuji Pro 400H.

Like the title says, this is my first ever roll of Pro 400H.  Typically people compare it to Portra 400 and right off the bat I could notice the differences between the two.  

Pro 400H is supposed to be more of a cool tone film with pastel-y colors and I think that is pretty evident in these two shots above.  At the time the combination of a cool film with pastel colors sounded really cool but in all reality I can’t say I love the results.

The film has great tonality and is pretty fine grained (for being a 400 speed film), but the overall colors left me wanting more.  

I know this is only my first roll and I definitely plan on shooting more of it before making a final judgement, I just wanted to give you guys an initial impression on what I thought of the film.  

For the people who have been over my house you might notice these were shot in my back yard.  My parents are huge into gardening and we always have a really great yard every summer.  I won’t pretend to be knowlegable about planting stuff but I really enjoy walking around our yard every summer and taking in the atmosphere.  

You might be able to tell from the rectangular format that these were shot with my Mamiya RZ67.  I had my 110mm 2.8 mounted on the camera and I still can’t say enough good things about that lens.  After shooting this roll, I processed the film using my Unicolor C-41 color chemistry and scanned the negatives with my Epson V500.

Fun fact: I usually don’t wear shoes while walking around in the yard.


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