Found a great deal on a Polaroid back for my RZ67.  Test photos inside!

Last week I was browsing a certain analog photography forum (okay it was and found myself browsing the classifieds sections like I usually do.  There is a laundry list of gear that I have been on the lookout for and I was able to cross one item off the list when I found a Polaroid back for sale that would fit on my Mamiya RZ67.

Of course I jumped on the sale and also picked up some Fuji FP-100C online.  Everything came in a few days after ordering and I was able to shoot a couple frames of this new film.

Before I get to the photos, let me explain what you’re looking at in case you haven’t figured it out.  Basically this Polaroid back allows me to shoot peel-apart pack film using my Mamiya.  You take the photograph, unload the frame (which squeezes developer onto the emulsion via plastic rollers), and peel apart the two halves to see a positive image.  Instant film!

You might be wondering why I picked this up for my Mamiya versus the Hasselblad or even why I bothered with a Polaroid back when I have four other Polaroid land cameras.  Put shortly, this back allows me to shoot instant film using the Mamiya lenses that I adore so much.  

Having physical prints is so important, in my opinion.  Holding a photo in your hands is such an intimate thing as compared to scrolling through an album in iPhoto.  This is another reason I picked up this Polaroid back.  When I’m old and dead, I wouldn’t want to leave behind a box full of hard drives.  Who knows, by that time those drives might be unreadable or permenently ruined from years of sitting in some damp basement.  Although it would probably make me turn in my grave, I wouldn’t blame my kids for throwing out all my hard drives.

On the other hand, having photo albums full of little 4x6 or 5x7s is something that makes me nostalgic.  My parents spent a lot of time catagorizing and filing away all our photographs and looking through those albums is something really special.  Seeing the photo in front of you and being able to run your finger over it makes you pause and really enjoy the nostalgia that moment brings.  This is why I have decided to print more.  I know (hope) when my kids/grandkids/etc find my big box of negatives and prints, they know exactly what they’re looking at.  Because photographs never go out of technological style. 

Overall, I’ve been having a lot of fun shooting this film the past few days and I plan on shooting more in the coming weeks.  Apparently you can reclaim the negative using bleach so I’ll probably try that next and report back on how that goes.

Oh yeah, the results.  Almost forgot about those.  Since this is pretty much a test pack, I didn’t shoot anything too serious.  Thankfully my family was willing to model so here are a few shots from this weekend.  Unfortunately these didn’t scan too well, they look really sharp in person but blurry here.

Forgot to take the darkslide out here.  Still think it looks kind of cool.


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