Experimenting some more with Rodinal and Acros.  Needed to vent a little.

Fuji Acros 100 semi-stand developed in 1:100 mixture of Rodinal.  Shot on my Mamiya RZ67, one with the 110mm 2.8 and one with the 50mm 4.5 ULD.  Two of the best lenses I have ever used.

I’m going to warn you guys right off the bat that this post isn’t going to have much to do with photography, hell I don’t even like either of these photos.  It’s just something I have been meaning to get off my chest for a few months now.  I guess there is a link to what I am about to say and art/photography, but much like math, I feel like there can always be a link between anything and math/art.  

It seems like every time I hear people interact with each other or browse through Facebook, I get a sense that people I know are becoming extremely jaded and weary in spirit.  Everything is a scam, is stupid, has an ulterior motive, etc.

The alarming thing is these are my friends who I always considered idealistic and wildly enthusiastic about life and the people they interact with.  It seems like overnight these people who were full of positive energy have become the people who incessantly post on Facebook about how stupid everything is.  From politics to love, everything seems to lack conviction and usefulness to these people.

let me give you guys a broad example, on any given day of the week I can log into Facebook and come across at least 20 posts from people about things that are stupid to them.  These caustic statuses can be about anything really, the point of them is to convey a sense of superiority the person posting wants to fee because THEY are in the know and THEY know what things are really like, but everyone else is too much of a sheep to realize these injustices so they feel the need to look down their nose at people who may have differing opinions.

It could have to do with age too.  I’m 23 and so are the vast majority of my friends.  It’s kind of a weird age seeing we have been out of college long enough to where the idealistic magic of endless possibilities has worn off but have not been in the “real world” long enough to find our life calling.  Unfortunately this leads to a lot of people feeling the need to “fit in” forcibly in the real world and overnight these people I used to spend all day speaking to have reduced themselves to such things as taking a staunch political approach since THEY are responsible adults who pay taxes and have a real job, as if to discredit everyone else’s priorities as frivolous. 

Everything is approached with suspicion and cynicism, even things like love.  It seems like the days of loving recklessly and with every fiber of your being are gone and reduced to hating the opposite sex.  Men (to a degree) hate women and women (to a degree) hate men.  Everything is a competition now including the competition with the opposite gender.

Unfortunately this all leads to extremely taxing conversations with some of my friends.  The cancerous “know it all” attitude has run rampant and many conversations feel like a one-sided lecture instead of a conversation between peers.  

Except for a handful of friends who have managed to avoid this spiritual death, I really do not enjoy the company of most people.  And most people would be surprised to hear that because most people would put me closer to the social butterfly end of the spectrum and not the loner end of it.  

It seems like the real value of friendship comes from the ideas I share with my few close friends now.  They don’t have this sense of superiority, a false idea that THEY are in the know and everyone else is a moron, over-competitiveness, opinions that have no basis but must be true due to their popularity, etc.

What is the point of this whole post?  I guess it’s my way of telling people (presumably younger than me) to not give up on that idealistic, romantic, and utopian belief that anything is possible.  I know I’m far from old but that magic has unfortunately worn off with many of my friends.  Hold onto that idea that anything is impossible, think radically, love recklessly because that taste of pure youth is something incredibly intoxicating.  

I think that might be the reason I never get tired of photography.  During my day job I hear plenty of people treating each other like crap for no other reason than to assert their authority and/or take their bitterness of their failures out on another person.  

Photography allows me to leave all that behind and enter my own little world where nothing else is important except the art I make.  This is why 99% of the time I try to be as positive as possible when seeing someone else’s work because I don’t want that bitterness which has consumed so many of my friends, to bleed into this utopia I have tried to create.  

I’m not sure if this made any sense at all, but like I said it’s something I have been dying to get off of my chest now.  Honestly I’m not too sure how many people are going to read this in it’s entirety but if you have reached this far, all I can say is please hold onto those dreams and push yourself and others to better themselves.  Create a big ball of energy inside yourself and from time to time, release that positive energy to the people you love, it will be the wind under their wings. 


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